Del “Abe” Jones


We’re another year older now
And, I wonder, what they’d say
Those who wrote our Declaration
For our Independence Day?

I bet they’re turning in their graves
To see, where our Country’s going
As we lose those hard won Freedoms
And, as our apathy keeps growing.

Our Government spies on us
“Big brother”, has come here
As they try to control us all
With deception, lies, and fear.

We have elected leaders
Who don’t care about our Nation;
Who give our Rights away
In favor of the corporation.

They have us in another war
Where we surely don’t belong
And some say, “A hundred years”
Would not be, too long.

We have Troops coming home
Who are living in the street
As they seek, help and care
From a system, they can’t beat.

They give our treasury away
To what, they call, “foreign aid”
While we have hungry kids at home
And students, who can’t make the grade.

Our roads and bridges are a mess
Folks lose their homes to banks
We have illegals getting a free ride
And ask for more without, one, “Thanks!”

They have given us a giant debt
Our children, will have to pay
While making other countries rich
With our jobs, they give away.

The Communists control
Almost, everything we buy
Like the old “company store”
While our treasury, they “shanghai”.

Foreign oil controls the rest
While we have technology
To use, alternative sources
To produce, our energy.

We have Federal agencies
Who work for the lobbyists
While people get sick, and die
To protect, those larcenists.

Our World is on the brink
Of a catastrophic end
For, the sake of the dollar
While we sit back, and pretend.

No, I don’t think they’d be pleased
Those Founders, of our Country
They’d say, “We’re sure disappointed!”
Of what, we’ve come, to be.

Maybe it’s not too late, though
If we try to mend our way
And there’s no better time, than now
On this, Independence Day!