Del “Abe” Jones


An unprovoked attack in Forty-one
That some say, could have been prevented
Sadly, now we have another one
From lies our Government invented.

We are coming on five years of War
More than forty-three hundred killed
Just so, as some say, the Pres’s wishes
For his vain revenge could be fulfilled.

There’s untold numbers of wounded
Some of body and some in mind
Each day a “Day of Infamy”
In War of an unnecessary kind.

And now there’s more saber rattling
To get us in yet, another fight
By those warmongers in DC
Where good sense has taken flight.

They will bankrupt our Country
And leave debts our children must pay
They’ve ruined our credibility
And what was, “The American Way.”

How did we let them do this to us
As they ignore our Constitution?
If we don’t try to stop them now
There can be, but one resolution!

We’ll go the way of other Nations
Who fell to Government’s aggression
With apathy and fear and silence
As their Rights fell to oppression.

Some think it is unpatriotic
To speak with a critical word
But, be careful that, that, “Freedom of Speech”
Won’t be the last, that you’ve heard!

If we don’t change our heading
Then, one more, “Day of Infamy”
Will be the downfall of our Nation
The end of, “The Land of the Free”!