Del “Abe” Jones


Two hundred and twenty-nine years
After we planted Freedom’s seed
After our Country’s Declaration
This World still has a great need.

Time for the Peoples of all Nations
To learn what we have always known
Since the very first and proud day
Our Stars and Stripes were flown.

But, we can’t force Freedom on them
For if we do, it won’t be Real
It’s something that must grow on you
To change the way you Think and Feel.

We can only try to show them how
And be an Example they can follow
Stand up against those in our own Ranks
Who try to take Freedom’s we know.

We must show we have the Courage
To not let our own people take away
Any of those Rights so Guaranteed
To us, on that long past, July day.

We must protect our Way of Life
And let the rest of the World see
That it’s something to be Proud of
When you live in a Land of the Free.