Del “Abe” Jones


Now, if you want to see a Patriot
To show us all how it is done
Who leaves a dozen behind
Plus his Wife, the thirteenth one.

There were tears enough from all
And Pride in Husband and the Dad
Plus the fear, and well wishers thoughts
And from the Happiness, so Sad.

The whole World has seen the Man
His eleven Kids and loving Wife
Who loves his Country more than most
With the “twelfth one”, coming soon to life.

Tomorrow is a very Special Day
That this Couple cannot share
Because Rhonda stood beside Her Man
And said, “He’ll have one more to care.”

A dozen Children, more than most
And a Loving Family that will wait
Until He’s done all that he feels
For His Duty to Country so Great.

How humble he can make us feel
While we sit here safe at home
While this Family Man does Duty
That most of us have never known.

If it wasn’t for the likes of Him
And all those Patriots gone past
We’d never have the life we live
And more, for sure, it wouldn’t last.