Del “Abe” Jones


This Veterans Day is different
And our leadership is new
Let’s hope things will get better
And they do what they should do.

Maybe next year at this time
Troops will be home or on their way
Wouldn’t that be just great
For a really different Veterans Day?

We have lost so many people
Some will suffer wounds for life
With each and every Hero changed
By wartime’s pain and strife.

They have served without complaint
Some two times and some three
Much more than we should expect
From those who protect our Liberty.

Our Troops do what they’ve always done
When our Nation has a need
To protect our Country’s shores
Or some foreign one, that needs freed.

Most everyone knows someone
Or has a loved one who was lost
And each of us must realize
That our Freedom has great cost.

Our Veterans Day is very special
A day to thank that special soul
Who will serve and fight and die for us
With Freedom’s Security their goal.

The next time you see a Uniform
Just take a moment to say, “Thanks!”
For our Country would be nothing
Without those Military Ranks.

So on this day, Two thousand six
As we Honor those who served
Let us all strive to be a Nation
Where their sacrifice is deserved.