Del “Abe” Jones


I was feeling kind of ill
And stayed home that day
Was watching the morning news
As usual, that’s my way.

Katie, Matt, Ann and Al
Were doing what they do best
But, little did they know
About that day of “our test”.

I don’t remember what the “news” was
Probably the same old thing
There were some elections
Part of what, makes “Freedom Ring”.

Then, the “breaking news”
About a “terrible accident”
Even that was bad enough
But, much worse, where it went.

I called a friend at work
And while I talked to her
The second plane struck
And then I felt the “terror”.

The tears began to flow
And my heart began to ache
As I hoped, it was a bad dream
Or some terrible mistake.

But, as that day went on
In a blurred, slow motion haze
I realized our country’s history
Had moved to an unknown phase.

The security of our borders
Had been forever changed
And they way we think about ourselves
Drastically re-arranged.

We’re in the “real world” now
And, that’s so sad, I thought
But, we’ll have to make the best of it
Whether we like it, or not.

A year has come, to pass
But, that day will linger here
In my heart and mind
As, I shed another tear.

I hope we’ve learned some lessons
But, I do it with some doubt
Because, hate, greed and jealousy
Is, what mankind seems to tout.