Del “Abe” Jones


Well! We’re in a different world
Than, what, we ever knew
It will never, be the same
As it was, for me and you.

I think that, since 9/11
Some words forever changed
Like the meaning of “Veteran”
Has been, re-arranged.

Now, we all are fighters
For our “freedoms’ cause”
If we don’t stand, be counted
We’ll have lost, “the cause, that was!”

On this Veterans’ Day
In this “land of the free”
We honor those, who gave all
Those with us, and those, yet to be.

We honor those who perished
In attacks upon our shore
And those hunting evildoers
Who came through our “open door”.

We honor all Americans
And freedom lovers of the world
Where flags like, “The Stars And Stripes”
Fly in the breeze, unfurled.

I think from this day forth
All patriotic celebrations
Will always give us pause
To these new, realizations.

We must rid this Earth
Of those “Devils” and their goals
With terror on their minds
Within their hateful souls.

So, here’s to all the Veterans
Who have made “Freedom Ring”
And, those around the world
Who know! We have a “special” thing.