Del “Abe” Jones


I don’t ever think I’ve had
Since Oklahoma City
Something move into my soul
And the heart, of me.

The pain I feel inside
For all the human race
Makes me feel ashamed inside
And, want to hide my face.

I know I’ve always known
How cruel, we all could be
But, in the past year
Saw, more, than, I should see.

Nobody deserves
The wrath of the hate
But, then I stop and think
I didn’t have to wait.

I’ve seen it all my life
But, didn’t care to look
Until, I started writing
And, put it in a book.

A book, I shouldn’t written
For, the words hurt so deep
And the memories I know
I know, I shouldn’t keep.

But, it will never change
until, we’re no longer here
Because the human, is the death
Of, life, on Earth, I fear.