Del “Abe” Jones


A five year anniversary
From that day we came of age
When we really saw the terror
From this World’s awful rage.

We learned that our borders
Are really open to the rest
Of those who would do us harm
And put our Nation to the test.

I wonder if we learned our lesson
And it doesn’t seem that’s so
It seems we try to ignore things
Or else, pretend we don’t know.

We leave those borders open
They come and go as they may
And as these times are showing
There’ll be worse to come one day.

Since then, we’ve been at war
And though our enemies were known
We keep losing souls in battles
Where no true danger was shown.

We see parting families hurting
As they tell loved ones goodbye
And worse, the pain and sadness
When loved ones get hurt or die.

Now we have a breeding ground
Where those terrorists can train
Killing our bravest Soldiers
As Muslims treat us with disdain.

We’re not making many friends
And as for National Security
It doesn’t seem we’re any safer
Than what we thought we used to be.

Bin Laden is still running free
And Al Qaeda never went away
And the terrorist numbers
Just keep growing, day by day.

We don’t have the will or way
To pay for all of those means
So we don’t have to see another
Of those horrific, deadly scenes.

We’ll just wait until it happens
And wonder why we were so slow
To take those safety measures
While some say, “We told you so!”

The lobbyists and politicians
Are going to get their pork, first
Then, what’s left goes to the people
After they have quenched their thirst.

Oh, let’s not forget other countries
That get billions from our aid
And though they say they owe us
The bill never seems to get paid.

This World really is a different place
And it will never be the same
With all of these people hating
And all in some god’s name.

So, as we mark this anniversary
Of that Eleventh of September
Let’s just hope that is the worst
That, we’ll have to remember.