Del “Abe” Jones


They’ve emptied out the “Pit”
Of all of the debris
But, it’s still overflowing
With the Souls you cannot see.

There’s twenty-eight hundred plus
And friends and family left behind
Crying out for justice
For answers of some kind.

But it seems there are no reasons
For such an EVIL deed
No reason for the horror
Sown from that hateful seed.

Some people say their “god” (?)
Will bless them for their act
For killing all those innocents
In their despicable attack.

But, if there is such a “god”
He must live down in Hell
And, if he isn’t Satan
Must be, related to that Devil.

The God most people know
Would not condone such a crime
And will punish those responsible
When it comes their time.

He’ll send them down into the “Pit”
And damn them for eternity
To burn forever with their “god”
Where they deserve to be.