Del “Abe” Jones


On this day we remember
That “day of infamy”
And sadly we understand
More than we want to see.

A “sneak attack” on Freedom
And the American way
Brought back to reality
On Septembers’ eleventh day.

Thousands died in forty-one
With so many not retrieved
Resting in their watery grave
O’er which friends and family grieved.

Now we have another place
Known to all, as “Ground Zero”
Where we have another bunch
Of, the American Hero.

Sixty years of times’ passage
Hasn’t changed the “Patriot”
Hasn’t dampened our resolve
To remember, not, forget.

Those who gave their, “all”
And those, still yet, to “give”
Standing for, protecting
The kind of life, we live.

The casualties of war
Don’t always bear a gun
But, they all are Heroes
When all is said and done.

Now, we have another one
Of those “infamous” days
With the horrible cost
That Freedom, often, pays.