Del “Abe” Jones


Yet, another year has passed by
Since, those terrorists struck our Land
Even, after all this time gone by
Still hard, to comprehend or understand.

How can a person hate so much
And be so blinded, by their belief
To take their life, and so many others
To cause such terror, pain, and grief?

All those folks they didn’t even know
Who never caused them any harm
Who died while just living their lives
Without, any forewarning or alarm.

Sadly, since that War began
Many thousands more, have died
And those who shed tears on Nine Eleven
Just some, of too many, who have cried.

The man who caused all that horror
Still walks free, to wreak his wrath
And, it seems that, so many more
Now, walk along that deadly path.

Our World is forever changed
And it will never, be the same
Sad, such evil lives among us
Especially, in religion s name.

Voices calling for Goodwill and Peace
Are drowned out, by the drums of War
And the destruction of all Mankind
It seems is all, we really, are good for?

Oh, we must protect ourselves
And, the terrorism must be fought
And all of those, who wish us harm
Must get justice, due, when caught.

So, on Nine Eleven, we’ll remember
Souls lost then, and since, that fateful day
And, if you believe in, some kind of God
You should ask for Peace too, if you pray!