Del “Abe” Jones


They put on the uniform
And badge of silver/gold
And, it’s been that way
Since the days of old.

They stand tall and take an oath
Swear, “To protect and serve.”
But, it seems, they never get
The praise that they deserve.

They put their life on the line
And they don’t fear the cost
Until their friends and families
Have to pay the “final cost”.

We don’t want them till we need them
And sometimes they’ll seal our fate
Sometimes, they come too soon
And sometimes they come too late.

But, they are always willing
To come to our rescue
Or to help us with some things
Important, to me and you.

Sure! There are some bad ones
But most, are the very best
Who aren’t afraid to stand firm
Face and pass the “final test”.

We have to stand behind them
For they are all we’ve got
Between us and “the bad guys”
Who care for a lot of naught.