Del “Abe” Jones


Nearly three thousand killed
On that sad and fateful day
And more dying all the time
Since our Nation lost its way.

We went after the terrorists
Rightly, in Afghanistan
Then, the invasion of Iraq
Began that War of a flawed plan.

The Taliban and al-Qaeda
Were going down with their defeat
Then we quit, took Troops away
Before their demise was complete.

The most wanted man on Earth
Osama is still on the run
We probably could have had him
If we’d finished, what we’d begun.

But now, Iraq is full of terrorists
They’re running wild, far and wide
And each day we have more Muslims
Going over to the terrorist’s side.

The Iraqis people must stand up
And learn to govern, their own way
Saddam is gone, and they are free
To speak out, and have their say.

Our Country is deep in debt
Our Troops, weary and spread thin
Bogged down in Iraq’s civil war
That many say we cannot win.

Our borders are still wide open
People come and go as they please
Just like those from Nine Eleven
More cells can sneak in with ease.

There’s many say we are no safer
And the World is in dire straits
And many who once stood beside us
Place blame on this United States.

And no, we never will forget
What happened that terrible day
And all those precious lives taken
Or the great price we had to pay.

But, there’s thirty-eight hundred more
Who have paid the ultimate cost
As we wonder how many more
Family’s loved ones must be lost?

We have too many brave Heroes
Who serve, and will maybe, die
As more and more people ask
Was this War worth it, and why?

As we mourn those from Nine Eleven,
Let’s add those lost, since, to our prayers
And show all who are serving now
We are a Nation that truly cares.

Let them know, we want them Home
That, enough of them have died
That each, will get a Hero’s welcome
For a job, well done, with Pride.

We have asked enough of them
Much more, than we should expect
But, they did, themselves Proud
And surely earned, our deep Respect!