Del “Abe” Jones


They were on a flight
Going from here to there
Just another day
Each one, without a care.

Some were on a cell phone
With loved ones or business
What they all talked about
We can only guess.

Then they got the news
About WTC
And then they realized
The next one is “we”.

Some of them were moved forward
The rest moved to the rear
And it’s hard to imagine
The helplessness and fear.

But, they must have got to talking
And figured out their plight
That in the list of “bombers”
They were, the next “flight”.

Wonder what went through their minds
And how much, they were “scared”
But, when they thought, “The USA”
Realized, how much they cared.

We think about our “heroes”
And those on the “front line”
Then, we all heard, “Let’s roll”
They knew, that it was time.

To step up and sacrifice
Whatever, it may take
And made the call, most of us
Won’t ever have to make.

They went down in Victory
The first against the terrorists
Showed the will of Americans
Is strong, and still exists.

They stood up for America
Knew what they had to do
And let’s not ever forget
They did it, for me and you.

Nobody will ever know
What went on on that plane
We just know, it added to
The misery and pain.

We all had, had enough
On that September day
But, they just gave us more
To pray for, the same way.

Another bunch, of the lost souls
We lost on nine-eleven
But they aren’t lost for they found
Their little niche in heaven.