Del “Abe” Jones


They have found some more remains
That have lain hidden for so long
And no matter what excuse they make
There is something surely wrong.

What if you were a Family
Who had nothing to lay to rest
And then, now it begins all over
As new hopes are put to an old test.

They want to have some closure
A place to visit those they lost
To have a private place to go
The least deserved, for their awful cost.

Haven’t they lost enough?
Haven’t they felt enough pain
Without wondering, “How many more?”
Places not searched, still remain.

It seems to be really obvious
These lost ones should have been found
Back then, not five years later
Once more the victims were let down.

With all of our technologies
And with proper leaders in place
GZ should be searched once more
For even the smallest trace.

How much longer must those souls wait
And will the families ever really know
Some peace and put them to rest
In some private place where they can go.

All Americans should be outraged
With many from some other Nations
Just one more thing to add to
The list of family’s frustrations.

We shouldn’t blame the workers
Those in charge are those to blame
Like almost all priorities
Just part of the money game.

Just like the “Commission”
The only way things will get done
Is when the People demand it
And we should, each and everyone.

Bureaucracy and politics
Have once more raised their ugly head
Bowing to uncaring sources
And not doing what’s right, instead.

The Outrage at Ground Zero – Rally re: Human Remains, Thurs. Nov. 2, 2006

To all:

Your support is needed at this peaceful and solemn rally in order to continue with our mission to “leave no one behind”… Marine Corps league members are asked to wear your covers, and not to engage in any political arguments with elected officials… remember we are Marines…

Marine Corps League
Department of New York
Public relations officer
Al Cavallo