Del “Abe” Jones

(Thanksgiving Eve 2001)

This year is more important
Than any, we have known
To, appreciate those lessons
We, sadly, have been shown.

In one day, we have learned
that, “this land of the free”
Has been changed forever
From what, it used to be.

We’ve taken it for granted
Free, from the strife of war
Fought, in some foreign land
Brought to, our home shore.

This battle must be waged
Each and every day
If we hope to preserve
“The American Way”.

We must stand together
And make the decision
To end all of those things
That can bring division.

Family, friends and freedom
Must go hand in hand
With tolerance for those
We may not understand.

Selfish greed and violence
And the “world corporation”
Will surely, be the downfall
Of, the worlds’ greatest Nation.

9/11 was the day
We got, our wake-up call
And we must, do our part
“All for one, and one for all”.

THANKS for being born here
(Or, coming here to live)
We must do all we can;
GIVING, all we can give.

Thanksgiving Day, 2001
Of history’s turning page
Is the first day of the war
For Peace that we must wage.