Del “Abe” Jones


It was, a day for reflection
Starting, calm and so serene
Then, wind from those “Towers”
Started blowing, in between.

The names of Souls, spoken
Seemed, to alter nature’s course
And what it seemed to be
They came to say, “Goodbye!” in force.

Reaching out and touching
All, who came to grieve
To say, “Get on with your life,
Because, we have to leave.”

“But, we won’t go far.
We’ll be in every breeze.
And, if you listen, you will hear us
Rustling through the leaves.”

“And, when those leaves have fallen
And the winter’s winds blow
Don’t worry, we’ll still be there
In every whirling flake of snow.”

“Then when, the springtime comes
And all things grow, anew
Please take joy, in knowing
We’ll still be there, with you.”

“They may have stopped our “being”
But, our Spirits will soar
When you feel us in, the blowing winds
Where we’ll be, forever more.”