Del “Abe” Jones


Well, it’s been a year now
Since we had that nightmare
But, it seems like yesterday
With, all the pain still there.

Life for most goes on
But, for some, stands still
With that empty void inside
They try to find a way, to fill.

We can all reach out to them
And hold them in our heart
But we can’t mend the hurt
That, tears theirs, apart.

No matter how we try
And no matter what we say
There’s no way we can know
What they went through, that day.

It’s just one year of hurting
That will last their whole life through
Shared with all the teardrops
That were shed by me and you.

But, we must count our blessings
In this “land of the free”
Although there aren’t as many
As, there used to be.