Del “Abe” Jones


Anniversary is not a proper word
To mark the meaning of that day
And now, five years from that date
Is not nearly far enough away.

Too many families and loved ones
Still feel that pain down in their Soul
From the Towers to the Pentagon
To those who heard those words, “Let’s roll!”

Hearts still ache and tears still flow
On the eleventh of another year
Those who lost will always miss
All those People they hold, dear.

There are still unanswered questions
For those who ask the reason, “Why?”
Was it really necessary
For all of those folks to die?

The nine/eleven Commission
They asked and probed and dug
Their many recommendations
Some dismiss, with just a shrug.

To correct all those problems
Will step on way too many toes
Might take some from their bottom line
We all know, that’s the way it goes.

For those who make the rules
Most politicians are the same
The only thing they care about
Is to play the lobbyist’s game.

If anything is to be done
The People, are who will make it so
We must write or fax or call
To make our Reps learn what we know.

Seems once they get elected
And they join that unique group
They forget from whence they came
And get caught up in the loop.

Not all of them are worthless
But seems there are very few
Who really want to do right
And represent me and you.

Our system is really broken
And there is really no quick cure
But at the polls in November
We can make a change, for sure.

So many things must be done
From our border to border
But there should be a sign in DC
That says it all, “Out of order!”

Some of the victim’s families
Have been working every day
To try to make a difference
They could show us all, the way.

So as we celebrate the lives
And mourn all of those who died
In all their names we must try
To regain our Nation’s pride.

“By and for the People”
Is the way that it should be
And whether it will or not
That is all up to you and me.