Del “Abe” Jones

9/11 ON 9/11

You cowards of the world
Don’t think, you can rejoice
For, hear this message loud and clear
From one, united voice.

The civilized among us
Will make you rue this day
And you’ll find it won’t be worth
The price, you’ll have to pay.

Some say they are “holy wars”
But that mighty Supreme Being
Must be cringing from the sights
That He has been seeing.

I bet He never dreamed
That He’d created such as you
That the Devil could possess
And make you do what you do.

He didn’t create life on Earth
To destroy one another
You might think you’ll go to Heaven
But, you’ll end up in the “other”.

When people kill their fellowman
In the name of their “Maker”,
All of them end up as
The worst kind of “foresaker”.

Religious zealots have killed more
Than, for any other reason
And it has been the worst kind
Of, what some may call treason.

An affront to all that’s right
That’s decent and humane;
Strong beliefs are okay
Until, they become, INSANE!

You didn’t strike America
You hurt every human soul
And you gave us all resolve
To thwart your evil goal.

You are less than animals
Worse than rats from the sewer
A mutant of our species
That this world has to endure.

But, your days are numbered
Hear this, above the painful wail
That people of good will and heart
Are the ones, who will, prevail.