Del “Abe” Jones


It’s been eight years since that day
When all those people, went away
And just another sad, sad, date
When, all those souls, met their fate.

A day that will live in infamy
In our short American history
Where we once lived the life
Without all these fears and strife.

Way back, when we felt secure
But, nowadays, we can’t be sure
What the tomorrow, may bring
That could be, ‘most anything.

We spent those days, cared for naught
Never appreciating, all we’d got
As now that peaceful, slips away
We wonder where, we went astray.

There’s lots of reasons, we should know
Those places that, we oughtn’t go
But, it seems that, we haven’t learned
All that knowledge, we have earned.

While we have, this day of sorrow
Wonder what, we’ll feel tomorrow
Will our concerns all fade away
As we return, to selfish games we play.