Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: October 23, 2005
Awarded: October 23, 2005
They walk up the mountains
With flowers in their arms;
Clad in green raiment
With leaves broader than palms

~ 2 ~

The flowers are purple
And their tips are all red,
Where lie unborn babies
Safe in their bed.

~ 3 ~

Green little toddlers
When they are first born,
They grow yellow and golden,
More golden than corn.

~ 4 ~

Behind them the mountains,
Keep them safe from the wind,
From the frost and the lightning
That the winter doth bring.

~ 5 ~

Their feet are all battered
By the rocks as they climb
And some that are shattered
Need a prop to survive.

~ 6 ~

They overlook the ocean,
Bright masses of green,
Where the fishing boats gilded
By the sun can be seen.

~ 7 ~

From the solitude island,
Where the lighthouse still stands,
You can see the green mountains
Guarding the sands.

~ 8 ~

Below the plantations,
The golden beaches surround
The Harbour foundations
Where the surf waves do pound.

~ 9 ~

Where the Womboyneralah people
Still wander today
Among the sand dunes of history,
Where the children now play.

~ 10 ~

The city is growing,
Still unspoiled by time,
With the sea breezes blowing
Like invisible rhyme

~ 11 ~

What more could one ask for
Than this serenity and peace,
This ocean and harbour,
This paradise we lease.

~ 12 ~

It is heaven on Earth,
This place where we live;
This place of great worth
That only freedom can give

~ 13 ~

As I stand on my mountain
And gaze out over the sea,
I am aware of the love
That is living in me.

~ 14 ~

And I truly am thankful
That I live in this place,
Where the stools climb the mountains
With perpetual grace.

Banana Plantations above Coffs Harbour: June 2005
Banana Plantations in the hills above Coffs Harbour: June 2005

Author’s Note: Coffs Harbour lies in a coastal valley, surrounded by a range of low mountains on three sides and the Indian Ocean on the other. On the sides of the valley are banana plantations.

A banana stool (plant) survives for about 18 months, and throws up suckers that flower and blooms into bunches of bananas. Bunches are cut and the plant cut down to be replaced by the sucker on the upper side of the slope. Thus the plants (stools) are said to walk up hill.