Colin F. Jones


Silence is a pleasure yet silence is so cruel,
or perhaps this aging poet is yet a simple fool,
At great cost to have determined that seeking pleasant word,
that decreases these great stresses has always been absurd.
For what does not fit the culture or not the current trend,
then the hardest thoughts from thinking they do not comprehend,
and if there’s disagreement though no argument is sound,
there is not a single comment that cruel silence is profound.
The best way to keep all comment from one's tender ears
is to write the truth in simple rhyme that uncovers peoples’ fears –
For people don’t like reading the truth which makes them shrink
away from all those ‘different’ words that tend to make them think.
Ah such is life the poets world is such a lonely place,
for who the Hell would share a mind that has not any face.