Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: May 15, 2007
Awarded: May 15, 2007
It does not matter what I think nor what I am said to know,
I’ve sailed most of the seas and I’ve only one boat to row
I have my own opinions and I follow my own advice,
And the chances are I’ll never live my existence over twice.
I respect those who deserve it which means respecting me,
And all the verses that I write you can all criticize for free.
But if you want close combat and point your guns my way,
Then I will take up the challenge and you won’t like what I say,
Because I’ll use my biggest cannon and I’ll fight like bloody hell,
Because survival I am good at despite my aging shell.
It will not matter who you are a poor soul or a king,
I will not allow your challenges to take from me a thing.
Although you young guys keep on trying, you will never understand
That you cannot shoot an old man down unless you shake his hand.

Well you waited and you waited, and so I gave you your turn,
But the lesson was not harsh enough not a thing did you learn.
All you ever wanted was to prove you could put me down,
After failing the first time when you thought me a clown.
Oh yes I recall your statement when another’s point was made,
And from that moment on you thought you could sink in the blade.
You wanted me to argue so you could force your liberty,
Because someone said “one could not win and argument with me”
Oh yes I remember clearly how smart you thought you were,
But you were beaten at the gate and your moment did not occur.
So you have struggled with your ego your patience and your mind,
But the lesson that you spurned left you in yourself confined.
Do you think you’re so important that I should bow and scrape to you
That you can force your thoughts upon me; change my point of view.

Do you think I am a child who has never read a decent book,
That you have the right to challenge the way I choose at life to look,
You have failed in your efforts and you won’t get another go,
Because you think yourself so clever that you are your own foe.
I have better things to do than waste my time with you,
With your stupid silly mumblings and narrow little views.
You may run round the block mate, every morning at five,
But I have to look in the mirror each day to see if I’m still alive,
Do you think I can write this nonsense without knowing just a bit,
Do you think arguing with the likes of you is the end of it.
Do you know how boring it is when folk like you don’t understand,
But think they are so learned that they keep pushing their brand
To be honest my dear fellow I am too tired to bother with it all,
I have been there and done that many times as I recall.

Your long time ago my friend was not a very long time ago at all,
I was writing about this stuff way back in fifty four,
I did not rush to conclusions in fact I’m a long way from that end,
But a lot further along the old worn track than you are my friend.
You claim to have read all my verses but friend that is not true,
There’s a thousand more yet to come just for you to view.
And if and when you read them perhaps you’ll feel some regret,
When you discover what I’ve told you and my final goals are met.
For you know arrogance is a blind fold designed by conceit,
That those folk who are wearing it cannot see their feet.
So they stand in one place pretending that they can see,
As the mud that they are standing in rises to the knee.
And now I have a headache and my insulin to take
So good night and God bless you for all your honest mistakes.