Colin F. Jones


Woody is already Admirable you know,
So salute him wherever you go,
On his last long trip he mastered the ship,
Outrunning the feds you know.

But could he or would he be sailing,
With a crew that is rapidly failing,
All trying to dispose of all that arose,
When they were all busy e-mailing.

The jolly Roger I know is quite sound,
Great treasures await where we’re bound,
But without Terry aboard with his swashbuckling sword,
Who’s going to defend the treasure that’s found.

If you want a cowboy as part of the crew,
Then it’s JJ; he’ll just have to do,
With his desert bred nag he can carry the flag,
Because he’s a man who’s one of the few.

This poem is an addendum to “The Good Ship, “The Wailing Veteran” (On a Windy Day)” ©Copyright November 11, 2003 (updated June 23, 2007) by Colin F. Jones