Colin F. Jones


My rifle will not shoot unless I choose to pull the trigger,
Or maybe by some other way to discharge something bigger.
The people have the power of choice; they are their nations will,
Yet they never seem to raise their voice to demote the power to kill.
At first they rise applauding; singing, Praise be!! Let us go to war,
But they have learned nothing from their history, they have done it all before.
For after the initial victories that cause them all to cheer,
They turn against their leaders and shed a bitter tear
For they are losing sons and daughters who were happy sweet and free,
But now the space is empty beneath the Christmas tree.
What can we do? What can we do to bring ourselves to heal,
For it is in our souls and in our hearts this desperation that we feel?
The Lord said, “Turn the other cheek” and yes; the Lord was right,
But a man is not deemed a man, unless he stands his ground to fight.