Colin F. Jones


Would we go to war, if we thought that we were going to die,
Would we then the desires of others stand up to and deny.
Would we still see it our duty to comply and to obey,
Do what we know is wrong, but lack the courage to have a say.
Or would we still demonise the “coward” who refused to go to war,
Who has the courage of his convictions: he whom we deplore!
Would we put God back in our schools, and ban belief in state,
Take a vote before invading; listen to our own debate!
Would we advise our children differently or just send them off to war,
Because the man with all the dollars has a worm in his craw,
Would we explain to them the reasons with out the hype and flare,
Tell them how their swollen heads will be more deflated over there.
Would be say anything at all, even if we thought we could,
Or just moan among ourselves, because our sense of freedom says we should.