Colin F. Jones


Women don’t cease to be women when they become soldiers,
And there’s a fine line between abuse and playfulness by men,
Most women are not offended by the attention of men-folk,
Often inviting attention naturally responding to them.
Yet some are just women who are looking for trouble,
Who know they can cause many problems for some,
No doubt there are men who abuse disrespectfully the woman,
But there are two sides to a story when all’s said and done.
By nature most men think they are better than women,
In the hard world of the soldier they need to be tough,
In the civilian world it is wider spread problem,
But among men trained for battle they must expect it to be rough.
The army is no place for a man who can’t hack it;
It must be harder for women who are not strong enough.

Of course there are abuses – that’s life’s normal routine,
Some soldiers are abusive by nature and trade;
Some live only for trouble that’s why they are serving,
To kill and to maim not to march on parade.
They join up to do battle they are violent and crazy,
They have no respect for others and think it a joke,
Soldiers are people tall, thin, fat and lazy,
Being soldiers doesn’t mean they are respectable folk.
There are black men, white men brindle and yellow,
Who live in a society isolated and severe,
With a discipline that segregates them from the ordinary fellow,
Especially those soldiers who make it their career.
There can be no excuses for disrespect of the woman,
But it can be expected from men whose intolerance is clear.