Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

The people once one, were divided,
By a God who feared their progression,
For it was the Lord who notably decided,
To mix their language confusing expression.
He scattered them all over the earth,
Where they flourished as various groups,
Competing for all they were worth,
To sew their seeds and establish their roots.
Thus God was the inventor of conflict,
He created warfare and inspired its use,
The more damage man was able to inflict,
On his neighbour was gross and profuse.
That man’s history was moulded by war,
Fought on every ocean island and shore.

~ 2 ~

But if it were man who invented God,
And not God who created man,
He would have long fought for the sod,
To establish his cities and land.
Religion though a primitive tool,
Was developed to establish a law,
A power of superstitious rule,
But one accepting the existence of war.
It cleverly dismisses the soldier,
Who is simply a pawn in the game,
Holding the powers that be responsible,
For it is they who have the most to gain.
But war is the invention of neither,
Tis an evolutionary manipulative train.

~ 3 ~

It matters not who invented anything,
It matters only that it exists,
Every bee was born with a sting,
Every animal has the will to resist.
The system works on predator and prey,
On competition in order to survive;
Though the religious are humble and pray
It will not keep them alive.
Life is brutal and savage and sad,
It is a complex struggle just to compete,
For the good is mixed with the bad,
It is natural to scheme and to cheat.
The war we fight is a constant challenge,
As we try not to succumb to defeat.