Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 27, 2005
Awarded: November 27, 2005
Who is the soldier who stands by me,
Who will never fight in war;
Who guards the coffins of the free,
And guards the stockade door;
Who writes my speeches and recites,
The texts of my ambition;
Who does not lead his men in fights
According to tradition?
‘Tis I, your General Sir, tis I,
Who makes it law, thy sin,
For though a million men might die
We shall fight until you win.
And in the graveyards they all lie
Who did it all for him!!

~ 2 ~

We live for war! We live to fight!
And men, Sir, are but numbers.
It is so much our fond delight
When the gun fire roars and thunders!!
We’ll mark the grid points on the maps;
We’ll give them guns and ammo!
And mount brass badges on their hats,
And dress them up in camo.
And with great pride our chests will swell
As we camouflage our blunders,
as from the blood stained gore of Hell,
you reap our soldiers’ plunders…
and we gain prominence from it as well,
while everybody wonders.

~ 3 ~

We’ll wave the flag to attract the crowd,
Make much of all devices,
And making sure we say it loud,
thank the dead for their sacrifices.
With pomp and ceremony we’ll turn the tears,
Into beaming smiles of pride
That will wipe away their growing fears,
That for nothing their sons have died.
And when your term and mine is ended
And we retire to enjoy our wealth,
Knowing mothers’ hearts have not yet mended,
And veterans suffer from ailing health…
We’ll reminisce on our vision splendid,
And creep away in stealth.

~ 4 ~

There’ll be others in the stealthy shadows,
Those who lurked behind the scenes,
Retired now to the fruitful meadows,
With rows of white crosses in between.
Into history they will fade away,
In the pass of time be lost,
And none of them will be brought to pay,
For the never ending tragic cost.
“Sir welcome to the office…
Take your place upon the throne
Sir, though you are still a novice…
There are countries you don’t yet own…
And Sir, I’m at your service…
So Sir… just make it known”.