Colin F. Jones


We slaughter cattle sheep and chickens every single day,
Kangaroos and Lizards; goats and deer we also slay,
We slaughter frogs we slaughter ducks, and we slaughter quail,
You can add to that some Geese, Pheasants and a snail.
We like killing things a lot and not only just to eat,
We kill flies and wasps and bees, snakes to cover up our feet.
It seems all we do is kill or just wreck things and destroy,
Anything in fact that gets in our way that might annoy.
We hate spiders, we hate rats, we hate cockroaches and fleas:
We destroy our own forests to plant a heap of foreign trees.
We don’t like the world we live in; dogs not allowed to bark,
Cats not allowed to go hunting never to catch a Lark.
We put birds inside cages and animals in restrictive zoos,
And get so sick of killing ants we have to change our smelly shoes.
Then of course we kill each other to get everything or more;
That is if there is something left after we fight the final war.