Colin F. Jones


Pray for thy self – then pray in vain;
It is for others we must pray,
Lest vanity is your true name,
That you steal all hope away.

Though fearing death the soldier fights
That his comrades do not die,
And prays for them on sleepless nights
When he asks the Lord God why.

He prays for strength when all is lost,
That he can find a way;
To tolerate the final cost,
Of his friends who died today.

And every morning when he wakes
To share another day,
He contemplates those grave mistakes
Which take good men away.

He feels guilt that he still lives
While those he loved lie dead;
And all those prayers he gave and gives
Waste in the tears he sheds.

For prayers – expressions of his hope
In the world of war unreal,
Leave him alone to live and cope
With the truth he can’t reveal.