Colin F. Jones


What the Hell is war? War is Hell!
Lots of gore and rape as well
Muscle and guts on bits of shell
Blood upon the Liberty bell
And splattered all around the yard
Upon the cross and Roman guard
Upon the minds of sacred bards
On stinking bodies Christmas cards.
War is the woman defiled and torn
Babies killed before they’re born
Old people left to rot forlorn
The red sky of a summer’s dawn.

War is the lady left alone
The widow by the telephone
The everlasting lifelong moan
The empty space within the home
War is murder, shot and shell
Guns for profit made to sell
Death of youth in putrid smell
Lying where the Devils dwell
War is what is waged in sin
To make the world worship him
Who’s peoples still can sing the hymn
“Our God has made the right side win”

Author’s Note: Dreams can be quite strange – a mixture of events and memories…