Colin F. Jones


What is the great lie that you promote
As a soldiers belief; is what you quote,
The only lie I note is the false word “God”
For whom brain washed people lie in the sod
You were not there in any such war,
You have never seen real guts and gore
Poetic darts have the opposite effect,
They draw tears from men who might object,
To leave them broken sad and wrought with pain,
With only the poet enjoying the gain.
Your Bible says God invented war;
He used it to establish his contradictory law.
And everything you enjoy was due to them,
Those who fought for your country; both women and men.

Was not your wonderful Moses guided by God
To slaughter women and children for a patch of sod?
Did God not murder all creatures and people on earth,
Then mixed up their language and devalued their worth.
Where is this mythical creature, you invent in your verse,
That you bow to and pray and claim with him you converse.
You live on promises, unreal and dreams ill defined,
Claiming we were made by a God who is just and kind.
If you are not ready to fight for the life that you lead,
You will die by the gun or from your unsatisfied greed.
War is as natural as the absence of mythical peace,
For the world of people would flounder if warfare did cease.
Emotional outbursts never express what is real,
For the world is not geared to suit the way that you feel.

A response inspired by the poem, “If You Are at War” ©Copyright January 25, 2009 by Nancy L. Meek