Colin F. Jones

WHAT FOR? (In Response to a Question)

We are all capable of thought,
But we know only what we have been taught,
As we grow from a child to a man,
We think according to a indoctrinated plan.
Even the poorest citizen will fight,
Though in his eyes there isn’t a light,
Simply because he is told that he must,
And he does it out of fear and not trust.
So long as we are told we are right,
Sailing off thousands of miles to fight,
And are given no choice but to obey,
Then we all do just as they say…
And die in some politician’s war…
Without ever really knowing what for.

Let us not forget the past
Lest we venture into tomorrow,
And rally around the mast,
Expressing regret and sorrow.
Let us repeat historic time,
Maintaining the thirst for blood,
While praying for the divine,
Lest there comes another flood.
Oh such pathetic creatures men,
Servants of gun and knife,
Experts with the liars pen.