Colin F. Jones



Would you deny me knowing you?
Like me, do weep in sorrow,
Long after those we once knew,
Were lost of their tomorrow?
Is not your service to their graves?
The memories of their joys,
Shared with all the love we’ve saved
That friendship long employs?
My friend I cry as I write this,
Though I know I can’t restore,
The days of yesterday’s sweet bliss,
As they were long before,
We reached this age to ever miss,
Them all for evermore


We are by all that consequence,
Old soldiers who trained for war,
We went and fought at dire expense,
And the death of comrades saw
While time has passed it is no thief,
That it steels our thoughts away,
And no one put a time on grief,
That’s why we cry today.
Be proud of that and never care,
If someone sees your tears,
‘Cause the ones you picked up over there
Were meant to last for years,
If we don’t cry then we’ll forget,
So count them all as cheers


I have no simmering fire to burn,
I seek not folk to blame,
It’s all a part of what we learn,
That’s why our saviour came.
I don’t profess to know so much,
That I can help you cope,
But mate your hand I can clutch
And fill you up with hope
For what drains from your hand to mine,
I know is truth and love,
Though neither one makes us divine,
It gives it quite a nudge.
So you and I with halos yet,
Might a trip to heaven bludge