Colin F. Jones


We won the war in Vietnam of that make no mistake
Not a single battle did we lose nor those the journos faked
The North they gave it all and had failed to win a round
Though in the politics they fought better pound for pound

Our soldiers stood up with the best out fought and beat the foe
Their skills put to the ultimate test were superior blow for blow
The pictures drawn by journo’s pen were false and even lie
And cost the lives of many men who didn’t deserve to die

With hands tied behind their backs and chains to hold their feet
Our soldiers beat down all attacks and never knew defeat
Surrounded by a complex foe in battle and at home
Absorbing all that they could throw our soldiers stood alone

Deserted by their nation’s folk and by those in the Lodge [1]
It all became a sordid joke that they could never dodge
In time the people felt their shame crept back with stale regret
Still not accepting any blame but willing to forget

They organised a great Parade to welcome home the troops
In order that the memory fade of their treasonable little groups
For many years had passed away the veterans no longer young
Had lived through all the bitterness detested and unsung

A sorry nation in regret under pressure for their shame
Were forced at last to cheer the vet and honour his fine name
Whatever happens on the morrow where ever soldiers fight
We must never from this error borrow for it never could be right