Colin F. Jones

(A Memorial to Poppa)

We speak of you still; we remember you yet,
It was an honour my friend; the day that we met.
The friendship we shared one day we’ll renew,
We’ll sit on your porch with a glass of home brew,
You can introduce me, to the soldiers you led,
The soldiers who died; the soldiers who bled.
You can show me around this place you adore,
Where the tranquil oceans of peace are lapping the shore.
My friend you are missed; in our hearts we are sad,
But we know you’ve been rewarded for the life you’ve had.
Though the war took its toll you had loved ones with you,
To help you to cope; your demons were not few.
So if you can hear in your heart the words in my mind,
You’ll know my memories of you, are all joyful and kind.