Colin F. Jones


We can do no more than defend a way of life,
With all our energy and a mindset that we’ll win,
Protecting those we love with gun and knife,
Or dying bravely when victory signs grow dim.
Soldier’s give up their freedom to defend,
Those lands and peoples that sweet freedom serves,
For on their sacrifice and service they depend,
That all a peaceful nation stands for is preserved.
The burden of the battle will leave its scars,
And many wounds inflicted will not be seen,
But reflected in the alleyways and the bars,
Where many will relive a lasting battle scene.
Yes soldiers do and die, as they must do,
And question not the reasons false or true.

This poem prompted the responses, “We Can Do No More (A Response)” – ©Copyright September 7, 2011 by Roger Liebmann, and the Haiku, “We Can Do No More” – ©Copyright September 7, 2011 by Shelley Timberlake