Colin F. Jones


Should we not by our learning seek to be,
Folk of strength to overcome and see,
Past mistakes as roads to true reform,
That wipe away bitterness so forlorn,
And learn forgiveness for the long gone few,
Whose hearts have mellowed as would be their due.
For we are not owed for fighting any war,
More than the pride of serving in a corps,
Alongside comrades with whom we laughed and cried,
Though some from that experience fought and died.
‘Tis not for welcome homes nor medals bright,
That we should dream of in our restless nights,
But of our service that is never done,
Until forgiveness empowers everyone

To forget the crying over soured spilt milk,
Long dried up in the change of times old ilk.
What purpose supports retainment of sad choice,
To ever sour ones joy with negative voice,
Unless in some way it promotes ones greed,
To reap from others some self serving seed.
Must one go back to live a long gone past,
In order to ensure the sorrow lasts,
In order to preserve a pedestal bright
That in normal time passes into night?
Let us get on with life and live it well,
And talk not of war or what we think is Hell,
For none of us have been to either place,
Heaven or Hell, but here in our own space.