Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 22, 2003
Awarded: October 22, 2003
We all have dreams of greatness,
of being one of fame,
That those who see or hear us,
will worship our good name,

Yet as time makes us older,
Our dimming eyes do clear,
We’ve served; as noble soldiers,
And known of death and fear.

We’ve learnt that love and friendship,
Is the only worthy cause,
That wars are fought to preserve it,
On all those foreign shores.

This is all that really matters,
There is no joy in achieving fame,
For it leaves the heart in tatters,
Destroyed by an empty flame.

Be humble skilful brothers,
And on your friends depend,
For ‘tis only those, not others
Who will be with you in the end.