Colin F. Jones


If you piled all the corpses
From both sides of any war,
On a football field in Texas,
There would be more than a score

Imagine the many millions
All rotting in a heap,
Then go to bed imagining
And see if you can sleep.

Remember every one of them,
Had families and friends,
Who suffer in their absence,
For love can’t comprehend

Not all of them are soldiers,
Most in fact are not,
They are women and children,
Who were butchered or were shot.

The ordinance that killed them,
Came from both sides of the fray,
All for the sake of “freedom”
We think we live today.

But war is never over,
There is reprisal and revenge,
Fires are left smouldering,
Hate seethes where men cringe.

Those who don’t just kill you,
But kick you when you’re down,
Are always ready waiting,
Faces marked with a frown