Colin F. Jones


War is a personal thing to the individual who experiences it. No man’s war is the same, nor their reactions to it. A soldier kills because all his reactions of objection to it have been discarded and replaced by a system that demands that he kill. He is trained to kill or be killed.

Most soldiers have never killed anyone. But those who have will, and must feel guilt, because the fact is they are “guilty” of killing.

I say “guilty” because in our modern societies we have been raised to consider killing as wrong. Soldiers are “brainwashed” into believing it is right, that it is for a just reason, because otherwise they could not be relied upon to kill. A few soldiers, due to their upbringing, have no problems with it; most find it difficult even after being trained to do so. Western societies need to be convinced that killing is necessary to retain our way of life – to preserve it against those who wish to change it.

Our Governments need to convince us that we are threatened; that what other nations believe is wrong and that what we believe is right. The cultures of Nations are organized around institutionalized religious belief or state enforced doctrine. Wars are fought to maintain or establish power.

We are only what we are because of where we are born or live. Most folk are what they were taught to be as children. Laws and beliefs change all the time to suit the current situation. In the modern world the killing of human beings by human beings is not morally necessary. There are millions of other adversaries built into nature that do the job quite adequately.

Guilt is like our other feelings or emotions. It is a warning our body uses to protect us – to tell us when we err. It is like goose bumps on the skin – a warning. Like when we shiver; our body tells us we are cold, almost asking us to find a way to keep warm.

Fear tells us to scarper; find a way to avoid conflict. So called cowards do what is sensible and natural; they run. Fools (the so called brave) remain and risk their lives, always due to some sort of introduced mind set, or by instinct when there is no other option.

People are of themselves inadequate. They are followers. They fear the powerful who are not really powerful, but who enforce the powers of the institution with the use of the fear of punishment, which is the basis of all religion and politics.