Colin F. Jones


How many thousands did as Jesus did,
Sacrificed their lives to save the Earth
And saved it yes but what they really did
Was cull the flocks to restore it’s future worth
Is it designed by God this balanced plot
To keep the scales at the fulcrum set
Lest all is lost without a single shot
Destroyed by famine, virus and regret
What is the purpose then for tragic war
Waged through time if not to balance scale,
Without the death of loved ones we adore
Would not the human races efforts fail
‘Tis sad to see the horror of such truth,
Yet history supplies us with this awful proof.

I fight your war sir for it is not mine
For I believe there’s truth in what you say
For King and country, for the flag divine,
To keep our foes who hate us far away
Yet I nor he dislikes the others face
Who meet in battle to die or living win
Of those who wish it, there isn’t any Trace
Just soldiers killing soldiers while they sin
For they all die because their leaders greed
Who seek to win a seat for personal gain
Who prey upon the graves where soldiers bleed
To enhance the stolen profits of their fame
So just, are soldiers standing up to claim,
Compensation for their leaders shame