Colin F. Jones


Vung Tau, well it was where we went for a two day spell from ops.
It was a time to drink and play and dodge the white mice cops.
I took a stroll around the place and found a quiet bar,
Didn’t realize where I’d gone but it was way too bloody far.
It got so late I thought I’d go but they stopped me at the door,
“You can’t go out now it’s to late should have gone before.”
With curfew on, my pass ran out before the morning came;
They let me out it was still dark you couldn’t read a name.
I caught a three wheeled taxi back dropped off outside the gate
But shit, to try and get through there would land me on the plate.
I snuck around along the beach using all the skills I had,
Got passed the Koreans and the Yanks which made me pretty glad;
Crawled through the wire and used the sound of the sea to hide my noise
But then as I was creeping up I heard an Aussie voice,
“Hey you bloody stupid nong that ain’t no place to swim!
But strewth, you timed it right old mate the sergeant isn’t in!
Quick get up here while you can before he shows his head:
and bloody hell, you lucky swine, we nearly shot you dead!”
Up past the MG post I ran like a lizard up a log,
To sneak unseen into the camp as would a mongrel dog.