Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Tis along an isthmus I walk between the waters,
That separate your acquired beliefs from mine,
You have no will that my sons desire your daughters,
That no vinculum can we by this process define.
I have in measured ways launched my ships to sea,
That have, close by your ports, rigged fully, sailed,
But yet your cannons point arrogantly at me,
For on your racks, of ignorance, truth lies impaled.
What force could I propose; what chain of links,
That you’d not sever to cut my anchor free,
There is no sound proposal to one who thinks,
That God provides for him and not for me.
For he who believes he is favoured by the Lord,
Is the one who wields best the Devil’s sword.

~ 2 ~

Tis not debate you offer but advice,
Based on the teachings of your chosen cult,
That you assume that it will then suffice,
Obedience providing the expected right result.
But what faithful servant can argue with his King,
To thus determine the error of his ways,
You cannot change the words you’ve learned to sing,
Nor the habits you have formed for all your days.
How can one argue with ones own belief,
It takes the will of one with a different view,
Who does not seek to steal as would a thief,
The things that might be sacred unto you.
Then surely you and I cannot debate,
For your narrow view is displayed in what you state.

~ 3 ~

I can respect anything; but not a superior tone,
Derived from a doctrine written to divide,
That gives its favour only unto its own,
That of other cults it determines to deride.
I cannot accept that one group can be pure,
While other groups are lost in their own shame,
For none on this Earth can ever be that sure,
That they can demean another cultures name.
What scars the brains of soldiers in a war,
Are forced emotions that I can understand,
But what guilt is it that builds a unique core,
Unto itself as a superior religious strand,
That forms the isthmus where free thinkers stroll,
With links to God to make their spirits whole.

Submitted for the November 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Vinculum