Colin F. Jones


We went where we were sent,
Where we were ordered to go.
Duty bound to each event,
Shared each and every blow.
We were soldiers you see,
Trained to fight and go to war,
That those at home could be free,
To despise us all the more.
… And we wondered why we cared,
Why we fought and why we died,
Why it was we were declared,
‘guilty’ to have survived:
That we live now without a soul,
Because we are less than whole.

We are the ghosts of yesterday,
Oh we could never suffer pain;
It was just our fucking way,
Because we would do it all again.
We don’t exist now you see,
We are just rabble from a war,
For now we cannot be,
Like those we fought it for.
We carry with us all their shame,
Their disloyalty and reproof,
We risked our lives in their name,
Yet they still question the truth,
That THEY sent us off to war,
Because they make the law.