Colin F. Jones


Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence - April 2001Tis natures stealth which draws the eye,
While calm her rivers flow,
For there we wander you and I,
Where few true thinkers go,
Though there alone in hallow fields,
Defining what we are,
Bright in the sky the glint of shields,
Bring back the thoughts of war
The brook turns red fields scorched from heat
From my sweet dreams retire
Now you and I no longer meet
Where there burns this Devils fire,
Your hand would melt in my hot palm,
Your eyes in mine would fade,
And never glow with loves sweet calm
For which they were so made
It would not do to share a fruit,
That concealed a hidden stone,
For an angered voice is best made mute
Where one must dwell alone
And yet such is the power of love,
That makes us all so brave,
The crow oft turned into a dove
Our more joyful thoughts to save
For every time we spill a drink
And curse the mess it makes,
We improve the way we like to think
And Make less bad mistakes
So all in all the silent room
Where I alone do sit,
Becomes a place of vanquished gloom
Because you’re part of it.

Congratulations Colin, on winning the “Brotherhood Award” for your excellent poem, “Vanquished Gloom.” The Awards Committee as well as Vietnam Veterans World Wide is honored to have this poem posted along with other of your excellent war poems.

Thank you.

David Alexander
Lou Klaiber
Thurman Woodfork

Awards Committee
Vietnam Veterans World Wide
March 09, 2003