Colin F. Jones


The paradoxical creativity of my work,
Makes no fact more relevant than its truth,
Where opinion tends by chance to lurk,
I offer my shame as pertinent proof.

We need courage in this discordant world,
We must put our lives on the line,
We must allow the petal of love to unfurl,
As on the road to peace we dine.

We must diagnose the cause of injustice,
Search perpetually for its cure;
Determine the effect of political poultice
That always fails to palliate war.

Let us be what we are empowered to be,
Let us not divert from our given task,
Let us not be complacent for none are free,
Though in much affluence we might bask.

Never be afraid to speak your mind,
Regardless of critic and censors of thought,
Above all just try to be kind,
That the views of others you never distort.

But stick to your guns; fire them straight,
Go down with the ship if you must,
Never be subservient to anger and hate,
For in truth you ever must trust.